Other Services

Other Services


With thorough communication, McLauchlin & Company goes to work long before construction begins to plan each project. Led by the client, we assemble a team of Architects, Engineers and Consultants to ensure the final product meets each owner’s individual needs. Our experience has proven that project planning from concept to completion makes for successful facilities and satisfied clients.

Equipment Purchasing

McLauchlin & Company can also assist with purchase of equipment for your new building. We can lead the bid process and provide our client with the best options to get their building move-in ready.


McLauchlin & Company has more than 30 years of experience of partnering with lenders and leading financial institutions to help clients with their financing needs. In some instances, 100% financing can be obtained.

Build to Suit

Since 1988, McLauchlin & Company began building facilities for healthcare companies such as Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) and has provided numerous Class “A” facilities for many other practitioners. With predetermined buyout provisions and pricing, we can provide a partnering relationship with our clients and owners for new or existing facilities. This is often referred to as Built to Suit.


Geotechnical Engineering uses principles of soil and rock mechanics to investigate subsurface conditions. This process includes taking soil borings to know what materials make up the ground to assess the relevant physical/mechanical and chemical properties of these materials and to test for sink holes and evaluate the stability of natural slopes along with man-made soil deposits.


As part of our Development Process, an initial survey defines the property boundaries, details the topography and highlights any easements.
At the closing of a project, McLauchlin & Company, is responsible for the final survey, which details the improvements along with securing all appropriate governmental approvals.