Construction Management

McLauchlin & Company excels as a construction manager, providing contracted preconstruction and construction management and coordination services to the owner. Our services can be structured where the Construction Manager is at risk by providing a guaranteed maximum price. These services typically are staff functions that furnish detailed information and recommendations to the owner for executive action. The Construction Manager then monitors the directives for compliance by the designer, consultant and trade contractors.

Success in Construction Management is predicated upon a strong working relationship with the owner, focused on a singleness of purpose related to the project. McLauchlin & Company anticipates the owner’s needs, setting the stage for a free exchange of information, making and executing recommendations, and getting owner/representative approvals as an ongoing process.

A team consisting of the owner, construction manager, architect, and trade contractors work together in a comprehensive, coordinated effort toward successful construction. It’s our job to provide the team setting that leads of a team success.


Construction Management Services


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