Assisted Living

When building Assisted Living facilities, McLauchlin & Company focuses on quality of life of the future residents. The Company works hand-in-hand with the architect, developers and owners through a specific project management approach, which offers maximum success throughout the construction process. McLauchlin & Company’s goal is to work as a team to match everyone’s vision.

Surgery Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) are also known as outpatient surgery centers or same day surgery centers. An ASC specializes in providing surgery including certain pain management and diagnostic services. McLauchlin has constructed numerous Ambulatory Surgery Centers throughout Florida. The construction of such types of projects requires thorough knowledge of ACHA stipulations and guidelines.

Medical Offices

Experience and success are the cornerstones of the Medical Division at McLauchlin & Company. By mastering the unique construction requirements of specialty medical facilities including business offices, reception areas, exam rooms, operatories, labs, and sterilization areas there is an inherent value only that type of experience can create. McLauchlin & Company understands the importance of teamwork, precision, and problem solving. Experience in building medical offices is as valuable — and as important — as the doctor’s healing hands.


The Commercial Division at McLauchlin & Company has grown its list of satisfied clients through its unique approach as well as its ability to customize projects based on complexity and need for cost-effective and highly functional buildings. There is no substitute for experience and McLauchlin & Company has success in building numerous multi- and single-story buildings, renovations, build-outs, corporate headquarters, and financial institutions.